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Wi-fi enabled campus and gigabytes optic fibre backbone with hi-speed lease line connectivity that provides student, anytime and anywhere an easy access to communication highway.

Secured wired LAN environment optimized with hi-end network switches, servers, routers, firewall backed up with complete unified threat management gateway system.

Campus wide energy optimization and security/surveillance being taken care of through BMS, Access Control and CCTV.

Centrally controlled digital AV system which also caters to Video Conference facility and TV channel distribution system.

Life on Campus

ife on Campus for a student is constantly buzzing with activities… sports, dance, music and the desire to serve the community. There is a Student Development Club (SDC) that will help you fulfill your desire or ambition. All one needs to do is to get involved, get connected, meet peers with similar interests, apply knowledge gained from the classroom and learn to lead. The SDC has several activities grouped under the following categories.

Clubs & Societies

Campus Based Leadership

Alumni Student Association

Arts and Culture

A college should not only be about textbooks and grade point averages. It is the campus life and the culture it embraces that create an environment where individuals can explore new paths and opportunities.

At PEG, personal expression and community involvement goes beyond words and classrooms. From students and staff to family and friends, we offer something for everyone. With art exhibitions, musical performances, multicultural events and theatrical productions open to the public, we hope you take a moment to truly experience the Sinclair culture.

Health and Wellness

Although most students cope successfully with the academic demands, for some the pressures can become overwhelming and unmanageable. You may experience stress as you attempt to balance academic, social, work, and family obligations. How you respond to these challenges and how these challenges impact your academic functioning will vary greatly based on your coping abilities and personal situations.

Experiencing one or more of the following feelings or behaviors can be an early warning sign of the need for help:

Eating or sleeping too much or too little

Pulling away from people and usual activities

Having low or no energy

Feeling numb or like nothing matters

Having unexplained aches and pains

Feeling helpless or hopeless